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Third Coast Family Dental Gives Back at the WDA Mission of Mercy

West Allis, WI Friday, June 24th, 2016–Third Coast Family Dental ( celebrated their community this month in West Allis by joining hands at the Wisconsin Dental Association’s 8th Annual Mission of Mercy event in Eau Claire. Mission of Mercy (MOM) offers free dental services to anyone who needs to see a dentist, but might not have the means to do so. “My goal is to treat each patient with compassion and respect, while helping them achieve optimum oral health. Dental health is critical to overall health and ensuring that the community has proper dental care is important” said Dr. Blair.

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Third Coast Family Dental took part in serving 1,064 children and adults at MOM, who received professional dental care at a value of $964,000. This year marks Dr. Blair’s 4th time participating in the event with her colleagues. “We really look forward to this event. It’s not only a chance to provide dental care, but it also provides our profession the opportunity to connect and give back to the community” explains Dr. Blair, who understands the importance of compassion and empathy in her approach to providing dental care.

Today over 100 million Americans lack dental insurance and an estimated 29 percent of adults have untreated cavities. Without events such as a MOM, many Americans lack the opportunity to seek proper dental care at the cost of their oral health. To date, MOM has helped over 14,300 children and adults receive over $8 million in dental care at WDA Mission of Mercy events since 2009. By partnering with MOM, Third Coast Family Dental has been able to support the lives of many in the local Wisconsin community with quality dental care.

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Mission of Mercy is a nationwide organization committed to providing free, critical dental care, raising public awareness of the barriers to dental care, and challenging patients, policymakers and dental professionals to work together towards creating positive changes in dental health. Founded in Virginia in 2000, MOM has the mission to provide dental care to anyone who has difficulty getting to a dentist. At MOM dentists, state lawmakers, sponsors and local groups of volunteers come together to treat hundreds and even thousands of patients receive necessary dental care. Third Coast Family Dental is proud to be a part of MOM.

Third Coast Family Dental is located in the West Allis, Wisconsin area, where Dr. Blair and her team provide high quality dental care in a friendly and welcoming environment. As Dr. Blair’s team of hygienists and dental assistants strive together towards dental excellence, they hope to embody the vision of what it means to provide the absolute best dental care to you and your family.

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