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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extractions West Allis

Wisdom Teeth

Protecting Your Smile and Your Health

We don’t want to see your healthy adult teeth go, and the chances are you don’t want to either! But when wisdom teeth start to come in, only very few people are able to keep them without complications. Thankfully, wisdom teeth are not only an expertise of Dr. Blair’s, but a passion. After years of performing extractions and saving smiles from overcrowding, shifting, and becoming painful, her quality of care in wisdom teeth treatments is remarkable.

Protecting Your Existing Teeth

At Third Coast Family Dental, we act with conservative, compassionate treatment so you can feel confident with your dental treatment. If you are like most patients experiencing the onset of wisdom teeth, we will be able to track their growth using X-rays and treat them before they become an issue. When wisdom teeth erupt, or emerge out of the gums, they can push or shove adjacent teeth from their normal position, creating a domino effect on the rest of your teeth. when your existing teeth are shifted around, not only is your smile significantly affected, but your bite changes as well, affecting the way you are able to bite, chew, and even speak. Not all wisdom teeth grow in straight, either, and sometimes impacted teeth that lay below the surface will put stress and pain on the jawbone, nerves, and adjacent teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Signs and Symptoms When Wisdom Teeth Become Problematic

  • Partially exposed wisdom tooth may create a flap of gum tissue, which can trap food and lead to infection.
  • If they are too far back in the mouth, cleaning may become difficult, especially if they grow in crooked.
  • Pressure can be placed on the jaw bone and become painful. Cysts may form and can damage the bone or roots.
  • Wisdom teeth may get stuck, or impacted, and become unable to break through the gums.

Before the Procedure

One of the best ways to treat wisdom teeth is before they even appear. Our office is centered around the values of preventive care and tackling problems before they become big and expensive! By taking x-rays to track the progression of your wisdom teeth before they affect your health and teeth alignment, we can form a treatment plan for your wisdom teeth that reduces future dental health risks and makes treating your wisdom teeth more convenient for you.

After the Procedure

Recovering from a tooth extraction can take several days to a little over a week depending on the treatment. Many patients will experience some swelling of the mouth and gums, and are encouraged to use ice packs to alleviate pain. After your tooth extraction appointment, you should plan to resume your daily activities gently, introducing soft foods and liquids gradually, and only brushing and flossing very carefully. Gently rinsing with warm saltwater can aid in recovery by keeping the area clean. Should you feel concerned about any pain or discomfort, contact our office to reach one of our helpful staff members.

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Our state-of-the-art dental services systems take modern dental care to a whole new level while keeping your care and comfort in mind.

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Regular brushing, flossing and six-month checkups to the dentist are valuable steps in maintaining good oral health. At your next checkup we use conservative treatments to promote and protect your oral health.

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Your care and comfort are important to us. If you have a broken, damaged or fractured tooth, restorative dentistry can restore your smile’s natural look and function. Our treatments are specially designed for you.

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If you want help creating a more pleasing smile, then you should consider the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Whiten your teeth to brighten your smile, or choose composite fillings so no one can tell you’ve had a cavity.

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“Your best care begins with compassion and understanding.”

Whether you’re calling to set your six month appointment or haven’t seen a dentist in awhile, we’ll help you feel comfortable and safe when it’s time to see the dentist. Our conservative approach means we will work with you to find a treatment that gives you your best sense of health now and helps preserve and maintain your healthy teeth for years to come.

– Dr. Sarah Blair

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